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I named The Bipolar Coach for the teamwork it reflects working with people to achieve goals. I saw wellbeing and recovery of psychosocial ability not in isolation but naturally part of relationships with others. This includes physical, psychological and social aspects that make up life. This clinical social work provides service unique to each participant, in ways that work for them to achieve outcomes.

A coach helps us feel supported, stay accountable, keep perspective, navigate the system and achieve our goals. I call it conversation with outcomes.

In particular, I draw on the work of:


Create Luck

The original meaning of perfection is not without error. Rather, perfection means working toward a goal. 

Habits are accumulations of memory and reminder, rhythm and forgetting. Create luck. Join our newsletter. Broaden 'your team'.

The language of the procrastinator/perfectionist is 'I should', 'I must'. The language of the Producer is 'I choose'. It's a different energy. 

 PS. no info sharing, no spam, promise.

Choose Luck

How Are You Funded?


For participants in the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Visit our top 10 tips to secure therapy and NDIS funding. To get a ball rolling, start rolling. Anticipate time, start early. We are here to assist. Whatever it takes. Make it happen. For your self. We can help.


For anyone with Medicare or self-funded.

For child referrals, a parent will need to have their own referral too, as we work with everyone in the system, so ask your doctor. This speeds healing and relieves stress on you.

To Start The Conversation

If you would like to arrange an appointment, talk with Liz at my office who helps with the details 🙂

If you want to speak with me to see if we are a good fit, have a question or enquire on behalf of someone, then ask Liz to book you for a free 15 minute chat with me on 0423 737 018.

Call Liz. Liz will know. Works for me!


The Creek Escape

Therapy Centre

58 Hayes Avenue, Camira, Queensland

Home Visits

Ipswich – Somerset – Gold Coast

Mobile Clinical Social Work Service


Zoom or Skype

Discover The Creek Escape

Our Rainforest Walk, Ancient Plants, and Meeting of the Creeks.

We are part of the Waterways Conservation Project in Ipswich and Land for Wildlife.  Our rare native Cunjevoi understory rainforest plants are unique in the world.  Platypus, Koala and Wallabies do visit.  We are committed to looking after what is a very special place.  It is a relaxing and lovely ambience for a therapy centre.  You are welcome to walk the land, enjoy the space and breathe.  Discover the contemplation maze.  Or select one of the paddocks with the creeks winding through if you prefer to sit outside for our session.  Everything is possible.


Our Resources and Links

Get the conversation going.  Here’s some places to start.

The NDIS & Mental Health Services

One of the great things about the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is the breadth of services that it is able to offer, and this is particularly exciting in the field of mental health services. Hi to the folks at The Clubhouse, Toowoomba, whom I recently...

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Recovery With Risk & Responsibility – Part 2

Dr Manaan Kar Ray said: "Without risk, there can be no recovery." You can read the first post in this series here. Dr Manaan Kar Ray went on to share these stories from his hospital. They had numbers of long-term patients who self-harmed and would come to hospital for...

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There Is No Recovery Without Risk & Responsibility

We all want recovery, don't we? Recovery from illness, from the things holding us back, from doubt and fear. Recovery itself is something embodied by hope. The potential for recovery means that there is always hope. At the Asia Pacific International Mental Health...

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Keep It Simple Strategies: Stay Alive

Stay alive. The conservation of hope is one of the strongest forces in maintaining life. If you have never been hospitalized for assistance with mental distress, it goes something like this (with variation because understandably we all independent and unique and no...

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